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Using ground breaking research techniques, Key Research uncovers hidden customer insights and perceptions turning them into actionable recommendations to grow business profitability and effectiveness. Read more



The Market Research Experts in Agriculture


Understanding your customers’ perceptions, needs, ideas and identifying opportunities for business improvement is critically important for customer centric businesses in New Zealand and around the world.  Key Research is an award winning agency that has been successfully helping agri-businesses in NZ since 1993.


The agricultural industry is a sector in which we have extensive experience. Our experience spans a wide range of agribusinesses both large and small and the work we do allows our clients to confidently drive revenue and profitability whilst increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have the skills to ensure that we are able to deliver research at the highest quality, and our down to earth approach resonates with both our clients and farmers, and allows us to get the most robust and accurate results.


Sometimes customers can tell you one thing, and they mean something else. Or worse they don’t tell you anything and you end up losing them as customers all together. If you are interested in working with the experts in agricultural market research, with a database of almost every farmer in New Zealand from Northland to Southland we would be delighted to meet with you to see how we could potentially help you find out more about what you can do to improve business performance.