and our Code

of Practice

Our researchers are members of the New Zealand Market Research Society and must observe that body’s code of practice, an international code of practice that is widely used around the world.

Key provisions of the Code of Practice which protect the privacy of personal information are:

  1. Your personal information is kept confidential. It is not released to our clients or to third parties unless you have expressly given your permission for this to happen.
  2. If you have participated in a survey, you may at any time ask us to remove your responses and personal details from our file.
  3. Our reports to clients do not allow the clients to identify who has participated in the survey or what their responses were. While we may release the survey data to our clients, your name and identifying details are removed so that the information is anonymous.
  4. Personal information is stored in our computer system as personal information only for as long as is necessary. When it is no longer required as personal information all identifying information is removed from the file.
  5. When you participate in our research you may be re-contacted for quality control purposes, but you will not be contacted again and asked to participate in other surveys unless you have given your express permission for us to do so. However, your name or telephone number may be selected in a new independent sampling procedure. This is outside our control.
  6. We may ask you to join our research panel. Participation in our research panel is entirely voluntary. If you agree to join, we will keep your personal information on file. However, you may at any time contact us and ask for your details to be removed.
Terms & Conditions
  1. Prices exclude GST
  2. An invoicing schedule will be agreed upon commissioning of the project.
  3. Quotations are valid for projects commissioned within 90 days of date of issue.
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